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Join Christie Walters and Jeff Bajorek as they review books, interview thought leaders, and discuss topics critical to success in business and in life.  Certified by Sales Guru, Jeffrey Gitomer, Christie and Jeff have both dedicated their careers to helping others uncover their passion, unblock their path, and achieving greatness in sales and in life.

Dec 12, 2018

Overthink. Over-complicate. Over-analyze. We are ALL guilty of it. Salespeople have a tendency to make their sales process harder than it is. Today we try to unravel the complex webs that we weave.

Our guest this week is, James Muir, author of The Perfect Close: The Secret to Closing Sales – The Best Selling Practices & Techniques for Closing the Deal that shows sales & service professionals a clear & simple approach that increases closed opportunities & accelerates sales to the highest levels while remaining genuinely authentic.

On today’s podcast...

3:45 - James is an "accidental salesperson"
7:06 - Is "The Perfect Close" too simple to be true?
10:30 - You go on youtube and search 'how to close' and you're just going to see people regurgitating the same closes that haven't worked since the 50's.
14:02 - How not to become a sales pest
18:30 - The difference between being warm and being nice?
22:00 - The common denominator between unrecognized problems, unanticipated solutions and unseen opportunities
27:50 - Conveying the intent
30:00 - The unlimited potential of sales
34:00 - What is The Perfect Close?
40:00 - The "fallback" and the "add-on"
44:20 - Once you say you are giving a discount, you have to give a discount
50:18 - You are your prospect's advocate

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