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Join Christie Walters and Jeff Bajorek as they review books, interview thought leaders, and discuss topics critical to success in business and in life.  Certified by Sales Guru, Jeffrey Gitomer, Christie and Jeff have both dedicated their careers to helping others uncover their passion, unblock their path, and achieving greatness in sales and in life.

Feb 28, 2018

Our guest this week is Luis Rivera, CEO for the Tactical Athlete Health & Performance Institute (TAHPI). TAHPI is based on the premise that firefighters should be treated like professional athletes as their health and fitness is critical to meeting the demands of the job.

Luis shares the amazing story of how he came to this unique idea and how he sold it to major cities across the United States. He navigated a long complex sales process but remained flexible and let the power of his bold idea do the selling. 

His story is inspirational, motivational and a true tale of perseverance and the power of a great idea and hard work. 

On today’s podcast...

2:00 - Luis confronts a major wellness problem in the public service sector

4:00 - Luis utilizes a major league sports strategy to start his business

8:00 - Showing value via cost savings

10:30 - Dealing with complex partnerships and complex sales processes

15:00 - How Luis refined and perfected his model for sales success

19:00 - Luis completes the long sale

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