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Join Christie Walters and Jeff Bajorek as they review books, interview thought leaders, and discuss topics critical to success in business and in life.  Certified by Sales Guru, Jeffrey Gitomer, Christie and Jeff have both dedicated their careers to helping others uncover their passion, unblock their path, and achieving greatness in sales and in life.

Sep 26, 2018

Sometimes life and career change for the better and sometimes they change for the worse. Either way, you can make your own success if you have the right attitude and the right gameplan. Our guest today, Brett Ruffino, had both and he's here today to tell his story. 

Through his principles of customer experience and...

Sep 24, 2018

In any business or personal relationship you have a role and you have a choice. Whether it is to begin a relationship or end that relationship. In business that decision is complicated by the opportunities that relationship might present to you. On today's Monday Musing Jeff Bajorek discusses how to navigate this...

Sep 19, 2018

What takes you out to the ballgame? Our guest this week makes it his job to find out. Andy Appleby is the Owner and CEO of the United Shore Professional Baseball League. The United Shore Professional Baseball League was founded by Rochester-based General Sports and Entertainment, and is the culmination of a...

Sep 17, 2018

Are you networking or netweaving? What's the big difference? Christie breaks it down for you and gives you actionable tips that will help with your engagement, your follow through and the results you'll ultimately see from your next networking event.

Have you heard about our Small Business Breakthrough program? If you...

Sep 12, 2018

Rajiv Nathan took his hip hop talents to the world of business startups and people can't get enough of his hustle and flow.

Go see Jeff and Rajiv talk about how NOT to suck at pitching in Chicago on September 20th!

It might be easier to tell you what our guest this week DOESN'T do. He's a hip hop artist, a record...