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Join Christie Walters and Jeff Bajorek as they review books, interview thought leaders, and discuss topics critical to success in business and in life.  Certified by Sales Guru, Jeffrey Gitomer, Christie and Jeff have both dedicated their careers to helping others uncover their passion, unblock their path, and achieving greatness in sales and in life.

Jun 9, 2021

Today, Nian Fiedler, the producer of The Why and The Buy podcast, has picked a favorite past episode to revisit. Jeff and Nian do a short introduction to this show that aired about a year ago, to talk about what made this episode stand out for them. 


There are so many new tools and methods to prospect and make connections. But today's guest knows that none of those matter without the foundations of old school sales. 

Jay Jensen, CEO of Sales Inc. joins Jeff today. He is irreverent, authentic, and a straight shooter with a dry wit that is often missing in the world of sales leaders. Jay spent years in the auto industry honing his sales craft, and he discusses the importance of process, relationship building, investing your time, and not being afraid of the ask. 

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