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Join Christie Walters and Jeff Bajorek as they review books, interview thought leaders, and discuss topics critical to success in business and in life.  Certified by Sales Guru, Jeffrey Gitomer, Christie and Jeff have both dedicated their careers to helping others uncover their passion, unblock their path, and achieving greatness in sales and in life.

May 27, 2020

So often in sales, people are looking for the next angle of gimmick to try to up their numbers. Today's guest knows that while new strategies will come and go, a relationship with a trusted accountability partner is the best path to success. 

Jeff and Christie welcome Dale Dupree. This former rock star and leader of The...

May 26, 2020

When's the last time you evaluated your personal and professional partnerships? Christie reflects on the amazing partnership that she has on this podcast and the partnerships that she has built all along her career that have led her to success.

We have a LinkedIn Community where we're posting clips and having...

May 20, 2020

So much of what we have heard these last few months has been, how to sell right now, how to position yourself to come back stronger, how to be put aside fear in the face of an uncertain marketplace. But some days, you wake up and you just feel down and defeated and in a bad head-space. And that's ok.

This is a no-guest...

May 18, 2020

We have been bombarded with positive messages of growth, pivoting, and emerging stronger than before for the last few months. But sometimes expectations skew what is really going on in front of us. 

Today Jeff reminds us that everyone is going through their own struggles and everything isn't fine. It's important to be...

May 13, 2020

"If you can't differentiate yourself, you can't sell."

Today's guest is focused on helping her clients differentiate so that their prospects and clients decide on them. Kenyetta Gordon is a speaker and brand leadership and communications consultant. 

Kenyetta emphasizes human connection over social media followers,...